SBS-1 Onsite Virtual Pickleball Soundbar

*Coming Soon

The PSM LLC Sound-bar system (SBS-1) is a complete set of recorded pickleball sound files loaded onto a high power audio amplifier. It produces a calibrated set of typical pickleball sounds including:

  • a single court complete game
  • a multicourt set of pickleball match sounds
  • a digitally synthesized repeating hard hit sound that is ideal for doing onsite field measurement of likely pickleball sound at a site that has no current courts.

The calibrated kit contains a 50 watt sound-bar with remote control and a thumb drive programmed with the variety of pickleball sound scenarios listed above. Alse included are recordings of reduced sound levels achieved with quieter paddles and balls, and with a sound level reduction that accurately simulates the impact of installing a 10 ft high sound barrier.

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