Sound Barrier Options

Any solid surface between pickleball players and nearby homes may help to reduce sound levels but to be effective a barrier needs to block the line-of-sight view. This means that most wind screens and bushes are not very effective sound barriers. Walls, hills and heavy layers of material are more effective.

In practice, there are two materials in regular use, a reflective mass loaded vinyl sheet and a vinyl sheet with a quilted layer of fiberglass and thin fabric. The former blocks sound primarily by reflecting it while the latter absorbs most sound striking it, but it costs more and is more difficult to hang. Contact us before you select a sound barrier. Here is a photo of a quilted barrier:

In addition to sound barriers, it is possible to reduce the sound level of pickleball play by selecting paddles and balls that are quieter. We have information available on balls and paddles that may help you mitigate the sound of play.