Pickleball Consulting


PSM LLC is available to consult and provide detailed analytic reports on the effects of pickleball sound at locations of concern. PSM LLC conducts a thorough discovery session with the client and then assigns a technician to review pickleball court locations using Google Earth (technicians are also available to travel to sites as requested). Our review process includes estimating the sound levels at the designated location(s) of concern and estimating pickleball sound levels for those locations with and without sound mitigation installed.
Our thorough assessment report includes:

  • Site Descriptions
  • Pickleball Sound Characteristics and Measurements
  • Review of Local Noise Ordinances
  • National Standards Recommendations
  • Mitigation Methods
  • Sound Level Predictions
  • Site Specific Recommendations

In addition to consulting on pickleball sound levels, PSM LLC may also be engaged to make recommendations on:

  • best sound barriers for your pickleball courts
  • quieter balls and paddles that are best for your specific environment
  • paddle sound measurement report on the sound level performance of your paddle

Click here to further understand our methodology for estimating pickleball sound levels.