The Blue Zones Pickleball Paddle List

Quieter Paddles for the Environment

List updated: February 14, 2023

Introduction: The following paddles have been selected and qualified for ‘Blue Zones’ status through a sound testing procedure that uses a combination of metrics in addition to simple loudness (sound pressure). Also considered is the ‘pitch’ and duration of sound produced when a pickleball is struck by a paddle.

These metrics were selected after reviewing with players and non-players the characteristics of a typical pickleball hit. The selection decisions included input from some who consider impulse sounds of this type to be highly annoying.
The resulting criteria were established by PSM LLC as a means of recommending paddles to communities that are attempting to mitigate the sound of pickleball strikes and can also control the gear used by participating players.

Considerations: pickleball sound has both time domain and frequency domain impulse characteristics that relate to the perception of loudness. Human hearing and the perception of annoyance is related to both of these domains and, as a result, there is no single parameter that well defines a “quieter” paddle.

Test Procedure: PSM LLC is a pickleball acoustics consulting firm. We have built an echo free (or anechoic) chamber for testing pickleballs and paddles. A calibrated microphone is mounted in the chamber and a computer outside the chamber analyzes the microphone output.

Criteria: Paddles listed have been tested and show a sound pressure level (SPL) below that generated by typical paddles. In addition, these paddles have a lower pitch and shorter decay time of the primary vibration mode.
Using This List: PSM LLC updates the list as it tests and identifies additional paddles that meet the criteria.

Updating This List: To arrange additional paddle or pickleball testing, contact PSM LLC via email at

For an explanation of The Blue Zones designation, see the PSM LLC web site ( as well as the Pickleball Sound Mitigation Facebook group page. The Blue Zones Pickleball Paddle List is copyright free.

The Blue Zones Pickleball Paddle List

Paddle Vendor Paddle Model Name
Diadem Vice (1)
Diadem Warrior
E6 16s
Electrum E Pro II
Franklin Pro Series 16 mm (2)
Gearbox CX11
Gearbox CX14
Gearbox GX5
Joola Ben Johns 16mm
Joola Simone Jardim 16mm
Joola Radius
Master Athletics Q1 (1)
One More Vibe
One More Pro Custom
Pro Drive DRIVE
Pro Kennex Pro Speed
Pro Kennex Ovation
Selkirk Amped Epic
Selkirk Vanguard Invikta
TMPR Tantrum
Wild Monkeys Grizzly

These older models meet the criteria but availability is unknown

Patriot Pickleball Sniper
Your Pickleball Place Maxor
Your Pickleball Place Whisper QT

1) This model is not USA Pickleball Approved for sanctioned tournament play
2) Formerly Ben Johns model