Estimating Pickleball Sound Levels

Pickleball sound levels can be measured in multiple ways and acoustics has a collection of standard well-defined terms that can be applied. In most cases, we will use measurement terms defined in the national acoustics standard ANSI S1.4 and we can relate our estimates to the sound level terminology used in local ordinances, if any exist.

When we look at a location on Google earth, we look at distances to homes in all directions. This will impact our recommendations about the use of sound barriers. An effective sound barrier needs to block the line-of-sight. Elevation differences may prevent this method from being used effectively. In some cases, less expensive sound reflecting barriers may be recommended over sound absorbing barriers, if the reflected sound waves will not be directed towards other homes.

Before we do a Google Earth assisted sound level estimate, we will ask a series of questions about the location, such as the potential for enforcing limitations on equipment used by players and the likely background sound levels. We will then determine the best process for measuring or estimating sound levels and proceed with our analysis and report.