Estimating Pickleball Sound Levels

If pickleball play on existing courts is present, we can assist you in accumulating actual sound level data. In cases where play is not yet present or has been halted due to sound concerns, it is possible to estimate sound levels by looking at the location on Google Earth and measuring the distances to residences. This needs to consider elevations and Google Earth usually includes sufficient elevation information to include this in the sound level estimates.

Sound Barrier Design

Learn about PSM LLC’s approach to analyzing noise, sound barriers and options for quieter balls and paddles.

Sound Barrier Options

Any solid surface between pickleball players and nearby homes may help to reduce sound levels but to be effective a barrier needs to block the line-of-sight view. This means that most wind screens and bushes are not very effective sound barriers. Walls, hills and heavy layers of material are more effective.

Quieter Paddles & Ball Options

We publish a list of recommended paddles, called The Blue List. The combination of quieter paddle and balls can provide a significant sound level reduction for non-public court settings.