Onsite Sound Measurement

The PSM LLC Field Recording System2 (FRS-2) is a calibrated and easy method of measuring actual background noise and pickleball sound levels at any site and at any distance without the need to have a field engineer present. It is ideal in situations where you need to know the background sound level at specific locations and the pickleball sound level (if being played).

The FRS-2 uses a handheld mono-audio recorder to measure sound between the site of the noise that is being evaluated and the site where it is an issue. After recording the sound to be analyzed, the MP3 files are easily transferred via email. A PSM LLC technician then analyzes these files and creates a sound level report of the sound levels.

The report includes analysis of 10 minutes of recording from one or multiple locations and measurements of:

LAFmin – The minimum background noise level

LAFmax – The maximum pickleball sound noise measured

Measurements are possible for an additional fee.

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